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Ever Better, Ever Balanced

No matter whether you are facing a challenge or doing great, there is always room for improvement, to become Better: better than others if you are in competition or just better than you were yesterday, a better person, colleague, leader, parent, athlete, better at enjoying your life.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life” (Eric Butterworth).

And in the meantime, you have to pay attention to stay Balanced. Focusing on one area in your life while  neglecting other areas (sport or work vs family or health, physical vs mental, etc…) will leave you unfulfilled if not worse.

                                    “Extreme are easy, strive for balance” (Colin Wright).

I want to raise awareness that we have a choice and that we can act upon our inner world (emotions and thoughts) to better live in our outer world, that we can constantly grow and become better while maintaining the necessary balance, and live a more intentional and more efficient life.

By raising awareness, creating new possibilities and taking action toward defined goals, my Personal and Professional Coaching is for anyone who wants to grow and move faster and further than they would do on their own in their personal life or in their business/career.

To improve teams and organisations efficiency and success, I offer Conversational Intelligence coaching, which is a new and innovative framework to help built TRUST within teams and organizations using neuroscience based concepts and tools, in order to create or shift a company’s culture aligned with its vision and aspirations.

My Mental Training helps Athletes who are committed to excellence, struggling or just curious of learning new strategies, to take control of their mental games and to perform to their full potential. While most of the mental coaches and sport psychologists focus on the mental aspects, I also focus on controlling your emotional state which is as important and which makes my program one step ahead. These skills can also be used in other areas like school exams, business or any challenge requiring performance.

My Heartmath® Building Personal Resilience program supports anyone in managing their energy and emotions (stress, anxiety, frustration, anger) for a better focus, performance, decision-making and wellness, using heart science based techniques which directly impact your physiology. People with stressful jobs and Athletes are primary beneficiaries.

These various approaches which I can cross over, associated with my personal background, make my uniqueness.

 I coach over the phone or skype so your location is not an issue, and I guarantee a total confidentiality of our work and discussions, bound to the code of ethic of the International Coaching Federation.

Coaching is an investment in oneself, are you ready to invest in yourself or in your kids?

Who do you want to be? What’s YOUR next move, How will WE achieve it?

Contact me for a talk focused on you and your goals. If you’re interested, I’ll offer you a complimentary discovery session and then you decide. No engagement before you are convinced about the value you will get.

“My life was at a crossroads and after 12 years at the Director level I was unsure with where to go next. Evan was able to help me discover what I truly thought was important through his thoughtful and inquisitive style. I found myself talking at length while Evan listened and then summed up five minutes of talking in a poignant and meaningful sentence or two. Evan is able to draw out what you think and feel and sharpen that to empower you to better decisions. I am happier and more motivated now than I have been in over a decade. Evan is truly gifted at what he does and when this gift is combined with his empathy and understanding it makes for a transformative experience that changed my life.”

Matthew S. Global Director

“Evan Bernache brought an incredible amount of wisdom and tactics to our cross country squad in the fall of 2018 as we prepared for the NCAA Championships.

His insight on the mental preparation and his ability to connect with our student athletes were huge assets in helping our team execute great races in our Championship run.

Evan’s willingness to search out the right path for each individual was huge in allowing each of our student athletes to have the opportunity to race to their full potential when it matter the most at the end of the season.

There is no doubt in my mind that Evan’s contributions to our individual student athletes had a direct impact in both of our teams winning the Mens’ and Women’s NCAA Cross Country Team Championship in Pittsburgh on December 1st, 2018.”

Jerry Baltes GVSU Athletics Head Coach- Track & Field/ X-Country 

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