Different Situations, Different Solutions

These different approaches serve the same goal: raise your awareness, know yourself better and take control for a more intentional and more efficient (=achieving your goals) life. I can also mix these approaches which makes my unique way of coaching.

Personal and Professional Coaching: taking your personal life or business/career to the next level by raising your awareness, setting priorities, keeping focused on the most important aspects and taking actions, through a personal growth journey in alignment with your (or your business/career) values, needs and wants.

Mental Training: training your brain as you train your body for an optimal performance in sport but also at work, in school tests or any other life challenges.

Personal Resilience Building Program : based on science research, connecting to your heart and breath in ways that empower you to greatly reduce stress and build resilience in the face of challenges, perform and communicate better and unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making better choices.