“Full Potential” Group Coaching Program

A 6 months program to become more Successful AND more Fulfilled because external achievement without internal fulfillment is worthless.

As an entrepreneur, small business professional or executive/manager:

  • Do you sometime feel alone with your challenges, feeling like everyone is doing better than you?
  • Do you know what you should do but don’t take action?
  • Do you lack clarity in which direction to take?
  • Do you have doubts and fears that get in your way?
  • Are you so driven that you are never satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Are you so focused on DOING and achieving that you forget to just BE?
  • Do you lack safe and trustful places where to share and process everything that’s on your mind/heart to get you moving forward?

I do. And I work on that with my own coach, attending different intensives and participating in group coaching programs.

What I love in the group coaching format is that you keep the possibility to be individually supported on your own roadblocks while also learning so much from the others challenges and experience. You realize you are not alone to struggle, you get some support, you feel even more accountable and you move on more efficiently toward being successful (whatever it means for you) and fulfilled (whatever it means for you). This is why I created a group coaching program.


If you could overcome your fears and doubts AND reveal your unique brilliance,

If you could Dream BIG AND then take tiny steps toward these dreams,

If you could benefit from both individual support on your struggles AND learning from your peers’ challenges (you are not alone),

If you could both grow your business AND live an inspired personal life,

If you could be more intentional in WHAT you DO AND even more important in WHO you BE,

What would you create in 6 months that would make you Successful AND Fulfilled?

If you are ready to commit to creating a “Successfulfilled” Life, you are invited to join a group of 5 driven leaders to achieve your Full Potential with External Results and Internal Transformation through Clarity, Inspiration, Momentum, Enthusiasm and Fun.

What’s in it for you

  • Create a Business/Life by Design, not by Default
  • Create the Strategy and Mindset to achieve your Vision
  • Find out how WHAT you DO but even more importantly WHO you BE impact your ability to be successful and fulfilled.
  • Become AWARE of your blind spots, fears, patterns that are holding you back and take concrete ACTIONS based on your insights.
  • Learn from others in the group: when you listen to someone being coached, you hear things for yourself.
  • Create new strong and supportive relationships with other members that will last beyond the program.
  • Engage in a journey of self-discovery and start experiencing the power of coaching.
  • Be challenged and get out of your comfort zone

How it works

  • 6 months duration in order to create significant results
  • A safe and supportive environment of 5 people maximum, entrepreneurs, small business professionals or executives/managers with similar challenges, open minded and with a strong desire to grow their business and themselves.
  • Two 90min call per month
  • You’ll get coached alternatively:
    • individually on what is most important for you
    • as a group on common themes
  • Weekly self-evaluation forms to keep the momentum in between sessions
  • Some assignments and tools to help you move forward more efficiently in your business and life
  • Fee: 1500 euros
  • A group starts each time I have at least 3 people IN

“As an Artist Entrepreneur, work-life balance has always been a struggle for me. Evan helped me take my general hopes and turn them into clear, specific goals and he worked with me to brainstorm how I could go about achieving them. Our time together has allowed me to set aside regular personal time, delegate more to my team, expand my team, step away from the projects that don’t excite me and invest my time into the projects that I’m passionate about. Evan is kind, easy to talk to and knowledgeable with a talent of helping people achieve their goals.”   Hillary 

Are you ready to invest in your YOURSELF?

                                        Contact me with any question or to apply.