Leaders, Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs

As a leader, whether Executive, Manager, Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner:

  • Do you sometime feel alone with your challenges, feeling like everyone is doing better than you?
  • Do you know what you should do but don’t take action?
  • Do you have doubts and fears that get in your way?
  • Are you so driven that you are never satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Are you so focused on DOING and achieving that you forget to just BE?
  • Do you lack safe and trustful places where to share and process everything that’s on your mind/heart to get you moving forward?

I do. And I work on that with my own coach, attending different intensives and participating in group coaching programs.

Being a High Achiever, a Leader, an Entrepreneur, creating, growing and maintaining a Team, a Department, a Business present a lot of challenges like, for instance:

  • To have and keep a vision as clear as possible
  • To develop a strategy
  • To focus on the most important things and say No to the rest
  • To navigate human relationships and have difficult conversations
  • To achieve results
  • To fail, get up and move forward
  • To sustain pressure and deal with stress and overwhelm
  • To have few people to turn to for support
  • To balance personal and professional life

With my one on one Transformational Coaching, I support all sorts of Leaders to become the person they need to be to achieve their most important goals. I help them face their fear and doubts, increase their confidence, choose courage over comfort, discover the power of vulnerability and develop an inspiring, impactful, empowered and empowering leadership to create the results they are craving for, while designing the experience they want to have in life.

I customize for them a program with Self-reflection, New Awareness, Support, Structure, Focus, Accountability, Objective Feedback, Challenge and Actions (see Personal and Professional Coaching) and, if they are interested, with some emotion-management techniques (see Building Personal Resilience Program) and some Sport Performance Mental skills (see Mental Training).

The end result is an improved bottom line, a greater sense of control and more peace of mind so they can also enjoy their success, as well as an increased personal fulfillment. 

Contact me for a complimentary discovery session, I’m looking forward to knowing more about your most important goals and challenges.