Entrepreneurs and Small Business Professionals

As an entrepreneur and small business professional:

  • Do you sometime feel alone with your challenges, feeling like everyone is doing better than you?
  • Do you know what you should do but don’t take action?
  • Do you have doubts and fears that get in your way?
  • Are you so driven that you are never satisfied with what you’ve achieved?
  • Are you so focused on DOING and achieving that you forget to just BE?
  • Do you lack safe and trustful places where to share and process everything that’s on your mind/heart to get you moving forward?

I do. And I work on that with my own coach, attending different intensives and participating in group coaching programs.

Creating, growing and maintaining a Business present a lot of challenges like, for instance:

  • To have a vision as clear as possible
  • To play different roles
  • To strategize
  • To get organised and focused
  • To limit the turnover
  • To prospect and market
  • To keep believing in success

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Professionals often :

  • Work too much in their business and not enough on their business
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Feel stressed
  • Are owned by their Business instead of owning it

Rather than coaching the Business, I coach the Business Professionals, often the owner but not necessarily, to be more productive and more competitive while reducing their stress. I customize for them a program with Support, Structure, Accountability, Objective Feedback, Challenge, Actions (see Personal and Professional Coaching) and if they are interested with some emotion-management techniques (see Building Personal Resilience Program) and some Mental skills (see Mental Training). The end result is an improved bottom line, a greater sense of control and more peace of mind so they can also enjoy their success.

Contact me for a complimentary discovery session , I’m looking forward to know more about your business, goals and challenges.