Mental Training for Athletes

When I was swimming in high school, there was a period when I happened to be very good during practice but I was having a hard time to consistently perform very well in competition. I clearly lacked confidence and working on my mental would have helped me overcome this faster.

  • Do you often have negative internal self-talk?
  • Do you feel excessively nervous before or during competition?
  • Are you easily distracted and having trouble keeping your focus?
  • Do you perform better in practice than in competition?
  • Are you intimidated by other competitors or opponents?
  • Do you have difficulties in your warm-up or pre-competition routine?
  • Do you worry about what people think about your performance?
  • Do you suffer from low self-confidence?
  • Do you lack motivation?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you would probably benefit from Mental Training.

You can start to assess yourself with the Wheel of mental Performance.

How much time do you spend practicing your sport (physique, technique and tactic) ? And how much time do you spend practicing your mental skills?

Mental training (or sport psychology coaching) is like taking your brain to the gym: it does for the brain what strengthening and stretching does for the body. It is not about fixing problems, it is about improving your ability to control your mental and emotional games and it can make the difference between just having the ability and realizing your true potential.

As a mental game coach, I help athletes at any level to unleash their potential by building customized action plans to (not exhaustive):

  • become aware of their mental games and how it impacts their performance
  • overcome anxiety and pressure,
  • increase their confidence,
  • better (re)focus on what is important,
  • enhance their motivation,
  • relax mentally and physically
  • improve their resilience to bounce back,
  • better heal and recover

with the end result of an improved performance, while having fun in their sport and finding meaning and fulfilment beyond performance.

My coaching is based on Olympic Gold Medal winning techniques, the 5Ps:

  • Personal Conversations and Goals → Understanding what internal roadblockss are holding you back and setting SMART goals as a tool for motivation and direction
  • Power Words → Telling your brain/mind how you decide to feel and act
  • Positive Images →visualization is the most powerful way to train your neural pathways between physical practices, prepare for a situation and create the state of mind you need.
  • Present Focus → developing awareness of your thoughts, emotions, distractions as well as the ability to (re)focus on what is important in the moment
  • Perfect Emotions → acting directly on your emotions and your physiology at the heart level using heart science based techniques.

The techniques you will learn  can also be applied to any other area of your personal or professional life.

My clients include:

  • Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics team with Devon Nowicki, US National Champion in 2019 (100m breaststroke)
  • Grand Valley State University cross country team (multiple US NCAA Division 2 National Champion)
  • Mohamed Agili, African Game Champion in 2019 (400m free) and participant to the World Championships in 2017
  • Pierrick Fournier – Junior European Championship finalist in 2019 (4*200m free)
  • Elite and International referees at the French Handball Federation (FFH) and International Handball Federation (IHF)

I offer:

  • Individual coaching,
  • Group/Team coaching,
  • Coach coaching,
  • Workshops,
  • Talks,

I am Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional® and trained by Performance Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr JoAnn Dahlkoetter.


If I coach YOU, I will be 100% here for YOU. I build a trustful and confidential relationship which also creates some space for discussion and battery recharging.

Although I like to go on the field, I also work over the phone and skype so your location is not an issue.

Contact me to discuss about your goals or concerns and I’ll offer you some quick-fix tips and propose a you a customized program to support you.

“Evan Bernache, Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional, is truly a remarkable performance coach and sports psychology expert whom I highly recommend. While going through and completing the Certification program at Performing Edge Coaching International, he continues to be one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and insightful coaches I have had the honor of training.

Evan is highly experienced, perceptive, personable, and responsive to his clients’ needs. He communicates extremely well, and is focused on both character-building and results, and strives to find a solution for each individual athlete issue that may arise. I highly recommend Evan to athletes, business professionals, and performers of any kind, as I have the highest level of trust that he will deliver exactly what you need.”

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, OLYMPIC Performance Coach with 5 Olympic Gold Medalist clients, Performance Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Winner of San Francisco Marathon, World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion athlete, #1 Best-selling author of “YOUR PERFORMING EDGE”, President and CEO of Performing Edge Coaching International.