Being myself an athlete (former French national level swimmer, triathlete, skydiver and still runner), I fully understand the challenges you are facing in your day to day practice and during competition.

Mental training is a component that some athletes dismiss, but is crucial in maintaining composure under stress and to improving athletic performance. While most mental coaches and sport psychologists act upon the mental, I also teach how to control your emotional state, which appears to be as important. 

You can start to assess some key mental skills with the Wheel of Mental Performance.

I developed a unique approach which cross over coaching, mental training and emotions management to enable you to perform to your full potential and maintain a great Sport / Life balance, finding meaning and fulfilment beyond performance.

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  • Powerful Coaching conversations to draw out your internal mental and emotional roadblock and that you are not aware and create awareness (what’s most important for you? For what reasons? What are your biggest fear and what’s holding you back?) and to support you in taking real actions and keeping focused toward your goals.
  • Mental Training (ie sport psychology coaching) is like taking your brain to the gym, to strengthen and stretch it just as you do with your body. I use various techniques like Personal goal setting, Power words (or Positive Self Talk), Positive Images (or Mental Imagery) and Present Focus, which have proven to be effective with top athletes including Olympic Gold medalists.
  • Building Personal Resilience induce emotion-management techniques which directly impact your heart rate and physiology for an optimal physical, mental and emotional performance. These techniques, added to the possibility to receive objective, realtime feedback through some specific devices, allow the athletes to better self-regulate their tension and emotional responses, especially in challenging situations, and have proven to be very effective in improving performance and endurance in many different sport such as golf, tennis but also in team sports like soccer, basketball or hockey. As Tiger wood once said: “the guy who is controlling his emotions is going to win“.

My clients include:

  • Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics team with Devon Nowicki, US National Champion in 2019 (100m breaststroke)
  • Grand Valley State University cross country team (multiple US NCAA Division 2 National Champion)
  • Mohamed Agili, African Game Champion in 2019 (400m free) and participant to the World Championships in 2017
  • Pierrick Fournier – Junior European Championship finalist in 2019 (4*200m free)
  • Elite and International referees at the French Handball Federation (FFH) and International Handball Federation (IHF)

My coaching is for:

  • Serious and committed athletes looking for that competitive edge.
  • Casual athletes wanting to improve their game and performance.
  • Young athletes wanting to get more consistent results.

I offer:

  • Individual coaching,
  • Group/Team coaching,
  • Coach coaching,
  • Workshops,
  • Talks

Contact me to discuss about your goals or concerns and I’ll offer you some first suggestions and propose a you a customized program to support you.