The 8 weeks Leadership Challenge




You’ve accomplished so much in your career! You have been a noted expert in your field and the go-to person for some of the toughest challenges.

Now you face a new challenge and the answers aren’t so clear. You’ve reached a stage of your career and level in your organization where the path to success is no longer based on your own brilliance but the ability of those on your team or department to deliver…. and you must lead them!

True leadership, where people willingly follow and work towards the objective you are pointing, requires a new mindset and approach. Simply put…




In this 8 weeks leadership challenge, you get the support you need to step into a new way of thinking, acting and being in your leadership that has you being your best, bringing out the best in others and moving even more smoothly to the organization’s and your team’s most important goals. Because leadership is everywhere, it will have ripple effects on other areas in your life.



  • Getting Clear on Who you are and What you bring 
  • Taking full Ownership and Responsibility, being at Cause vs at the Effect
  • Making well-being and self-care a key leadership strategy
  • Transitioning from being the smartest person in the room to one who empowers and enables others’ brilliance
  • Becoming a person who trusts, is trusted and is able to influence others and the organization
  • Bringing a Coach approach to your leadership
  • Having difficult conversations with your team, peers and boss
  • Declaring your vision and commitment for your leadership
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Reducing stress, developing peace of mind and internal fulfillment


  • 8*90 minute virtual meetings with your coaches and cohort
  • Extra training resources and job aids on the new skills and mindset you’ll need
  • Interaction during each session with a leadership coach and with the group to support you in making the necessary shifts and overcome roadblocks.
  • Concrete actions and leadership practices for you to integrate in your work after each session
  • A virtual community to stay connected between calls, to create accountability and help you to problem solve when you get stuck.
  • A network of other leaders on this same path to support each other during and then after the program (virtual community will continue after the program for continued networking/connection/support)

NEXT PROGRAM START: April 6th 2022 

YOUR INVESTMENT: Early bird price until March 1st 2022 : $750  /   $1000 


close up in wheelchair

Jeff Harmon has over 20 years of experience building partnerships with clients and colleagues (Western Union, GE, Novartis, BDO, PMI, SHRM, Johnson & Johnson, Merck ) to equip and mobilize leaders to achieve their most important goals. First as a project manager of global e-commerce projects and now as leadership coach and teacher. He has built his life and career based on two principles: how you lead matters and it’s not about me.

Eleven years ago, Jeff was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition. The reality is that some who are diagnosed with this condition die. He knows more than almost anyone he has ever met the value of every day. Upon diagnosis, Jeff looked at his mortality in the face and then got the news that he is one of the fortunate ones and the disease will likely not take Jeff’s life. He has a much longer lease on life and lives with the regular reminder of impermanence.

Jeff uses every precious moment of life to fulfill his mission to set leaders ablaze with the mission for their lives and fill the giant leadership void that exists in the world. Loving, supporting and challenging them every step of the way.

Jeff works with CEOs and senior managers of life science and technology organizations in the following ways:

  • Defining and clarifying a Leadership Operating System™ – the set of core values, behaviors and strategies that drive the why, what and how of everything the individual or team/organization undertakes.
  • Identification of personal blind spots
  • Developing a people + results focused approach to leadership
  • Developing an approach that maximized fulfillment and achievement


After spending 12 years in the aerospace and Truck industries, mainly as Project Manager, negotiating and managing over $50 million projects, navigating complex matrix organizations and changes, Evan started his own company to help people realize and maximize their potential, convinced that the biggest challenges and their solutions were humans, not technical.

A certified coach (ACC with the International Coach Federation), Evan supports all sorts of High Achievers and Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers and Executives to become the person they need to BE to achieve their most important goals. He helps them discover themselves, face their fear, increase their confidence, choose courage over comfort, commitment over resignation, discover the power of vulnerability, and develop an inspiring and empowering leadership. As a result, they create the external achievements and the internal fulfillment they are craving for, in their work and in their life.

Using Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), which is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate and grow with others using the neuroscience of conversations®, Evan enables managers and teams to increase trust and transparency, develop their creativity, and improve their productivity and bottom line. This participates to build healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change, a necessity in our fast changing world.

Also sport passionate and Mental Game Coach to world class Athletes, Evan can provide specific techniques to increase focus, confidence, resilience and reduce stress. He brings his Energy, Focus, Fun, Compassion and Commitment to his work.


To Apply, contact Evan or Jeff.