Different Reasons, Different People

Although anyone can benefit from my services, I mainly focus on the following:

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Professionals because it is so demanding to start, grow and maintain a business, with different roles to handle at the same time, and it’s not always easy to get some support and to pay attention to not give it all for the business !

Teams and Organizations because my 12 years in the space and truck industries as Project Manager taught me that it’s not enough to gather performant people and that the end success is linked to the capacity of the teams to navigate the human interaction  dynamics which require specific skills often overlooked.

Athletes because Sport is a Passion and as a former national level swimmer, triathlete and still running and swimming, I know the importance of the mental on the performance and how it can make a difference between only having the potential and realizing it !

People experiencing a lot of stress and depleting emotions: anxiety, frustration, anger, at work, at home or in sport, all these emotions tend to deplete us on the long term if not right on the spot. You can’t control everything that happens, but you can control the way you want to respond to it and this is the purpose of the Heartmath® Building Personal Resilience Program.

It doesn’t matter whether you are stuck, facing challenges or doing great and want to do even better, I want nothing less than YOUR best and am committed to serve you in the best possible way.

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