HIGH and DEEP – Hike to your next breakthrough

A Hiking and Coaching Journey to discover what you don’t know you don’t know, open up to possibilities you didn’t see and unleash your power to create your next chapter and enhance your impact in the world


We believe that mountains offer:

  • Space
  • Silence
  • Inspiration
  • Power
  • Altitude to see things from a higher level perspective, above the details of the daily life
  • Disconnection from the fast, digital and busy world
  • Disconnection from our automatic way of thinking
  • Reconnection to ourselves at a deeper level, to others with whom we share this journey, to our purpose, and to something bigger than ourselves, whatever that means
  • An opportunity to get out of our mental space
  • A journey toward the beautiful and the magnificient
  • An opportunity to surpass ourselves and build confidence and self-esteem
  • A holistic experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • A beautiful metaphor for the adventurous journey of life, going up and down, requiring efforts and stamina, courage, to deal with the unknown, offering different viewpoints and unexpected surprises.

We believe that being in movement, like hiking, offers the possibility to reconnect to our body, facilitates creativity and generates well-being.

We believe in the power of small groups to practice connection and intimacy at a deeper level than our daily life allows.

And we believe in experiential learning, which enables us to disconnect from our brain, get access to more insights, more possibilities, and anchor the learning at a deeper level. Participants will remember it forever.

We want to go HIGH, literally in altitude, and figuratively by helping you get some elevation from your daily lives, high enough to see the box you are operating in and to create new frames of reference/paradigms.

We want to go DEEP with our coaching, deep into who you are, what you really want, and what’s in the way.

The bottomline : we get to the ESSENTIALS.


You tell us.

Maybe because you want to take a step back from your life/business to reflect.

Maybe because you want en original way to work on your leadership and the impact you want to have in the world.

Maybe because you can see/feel there is more to your life but can’t really put your finger on it.

Maybe because you are looking for some meaning or purpose.

Maybe because you want to grow, make new connections and get some inspiration from others.

Maybe because you are inspired by the Mountains.

Maybe because you (eventually) want to take some time for yourself.

Maybe you don’t even know but feel drawn to this experience. That’s where it starts to be interesting. Can you practice stepping into the unknown and trust that you will generate exactly the breakthrough you need in the moment.


If you are not willing or able to hike several hours per day.

If you are not open-minded and willing to open-up, explore, share, be vulnerable and let yourself be surprised.

If you expect a structured, detailed top-down content program, because all the magic happens in the moment, with the group.


  • A beautiful hike in an amazing, magical environment (really !)
  • A heart based human adventure
  • An ontological, experiental and transformational coaching approach
  • Insights on who you are in your essence and who you want to be in this world
  • New Possibilities outside of what you already know
  • Reinvention
  • New Connections
  • More Power
  • More Authenticity

We don’t reveal much of the journey, because:

  • It is part of the experience, to step into in the unknown and trust, outside of our usual need to know, manage and control
  • A lot of it will happen in the moment, with what the participants will bring and generate

What we promise is a safe space, (dis)(re)connections, elevated conversations, deep explorations, out of the box reflections and ambitious declarations and actions.


  • WHO: change makers, inspired leaders, adventure (internal and external) seekers, “there is more to life” lovers – Max 8 persons
  • WHERE: Pyrenees mountains (the place to meet will be communicated later)
  • WHEN: Thursday June 22nd to Sunday June 25th 2023. We believe this is the minimum to really disconnect and access a deeper place and have more impactful results. There will also be some reflections prior to the hike in order to prepare for the work, and a virtual follow-up session through zoom in the following month or two.
  • WHAT: hiking equipment (especially hiking shoes) and all weather protection (sun, rain, cold), snacks for 4 days and water reusable bottles to fill-in, a sleeping bag.


  • Tim, Head of operational’s improvement and efficiency, Participant H&D Ed1:

High and Deep c’est un parcours en soi. Ce fut l’occasion de trouver un cadre, une méthode, un accompagnement, favorable à l’internalité et aux externalités. Un voyage peuplé de haut et de bas, de tension et de liberté, de puissance et de doute. Un cheminement par les rencontres et les discussions, les coachings et les silences. H&D m’a permis d’assurer mon projet dans ses opportunités et ses risques, pour moi et pour ceux qui m’entourent. C’est une Co-construction personnelle qui s’y opère grâce aux participants triés sur le volet et aux compétences bienveillantes de Michaël et Evan. Ce duo raisonne et résonne avec la cordée de participants, à la fois autour de nous et avec chacun, au support de tous et en responsabilisation individuelle.

H&D m’a permis de passer un col et de mettre en oeuvre un projet de transition professionnelle qui faisait son chemin depuis déjà quelques années et que j’imaginais encore loin d’être atteignable.

Merci Evan et Michaël pour ce beau et profond moment d’humanité.

  • Philippine, COO, participant H&D Ed1:

Grâce à High & Deep, j’ai pu allier ma soif de challenges et l’envie de me dépasser avec la volonté d’apprendre à mieux me connaître. J’ai compris que le truc fondamental dans la vie ce n’était pas ce que l’on fait mais bien qui l’on est et c’est quelque chose qui m’avait totalement échappé jusqu’à maintenant. Je suis revenue avec des étoiles plein les yeux, et des rencontres qui réchauffent le cœur. C’est rare de se mettre à nu devant des gens que l’on ne connaît pas, ça fait du bien et c’est finalement plus riche en termes d’échanges qu’avec des gens qui nous connaissent car il n’y a ni préjugé, ni a priori. Toute cette aventure est faite dans un cadre ultra sécurisé et bienveillant, je me suis laissée porter par l’effet de surprise car je leur faisais confiance et ça fait du bien dans nos vies mega speed et contrôlées.


  • I don’t have time

We get it – AND, what if that was exactly the reason why you should come?

Evan’s meditation teacher once told him: “when people tell me that they are too busy and they don’t have time to meditate for 30min a day, I tell them “you are right, you shouldn’t meditate for 30min … you should meditate for 1h”

  • I don’t know if the other people will be a good fit

We will have conversations with every participant to make sure they are a good fit for this experience. Those who will join probably share a sense of adventure, loving the outdoors, a willingness to meet new people and learn from them, to grow personally and professionally. And …. In life, we don’t always choose who will be on our path, so it is also a great way to practice being with this.


  • Michaël :

After 20 years in marketing and innovation and several positions as member of executive boards, mostly at Danone, Michaël is now an executive coach, guiding change-makers to progress at their right “Tempo” to unleash their potential.

Passionate Runner, he has developed a singular approach of personal development through running.

Michaël will help you move forward and reach confidently your next stage of development on your personal or professional path, finding your coherence and meaningful spot between your body and mind.

Michaël is certified Professional Coach from Academie du Coaching, leading French Coaching School.

  • Evan:

After spending 12 years in the Aerospace and Truck industries, mainly as a Project Manager, negotiating and managing over $50 million projects, navigating complex matrix organizations and changes, Evan started helping people realize their potential, convinced that the biggest challenges and their solutions were humans, not technical.

With his own private transformational coaching practice, Evan supports all sorts of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Founders/Owners, Managers and Executives to become the person they need to BE to unleash their potential and achieve their most important goals, through individual and group coaching. He helps them discover themselves, face their fear, increase their confidence, choose courage over comfort, commitment over resignation, discover the power of vulnerability, and develop an inspiring and empowering leadership. As a result, they create the external achievements and the internal fulfillment they are craving for, in their work and in their life. 

Evan is also a sport passionate, former national level swimmer, triathlete and lifeguard, and now also a mental game coach to world class athletes. He loves surpassing himself, inspiring others, outdoors, mountains (up and down, hiking, running, biking, skiing), meditation and being a Jack-of-all-trades. 

If that sounds like something inspiring to you, reach out !