Heartmath® Stress Management

HeartMath® is the only scientifically-validated system of stress intervention techniques and objective biometric feedback that quantifiably (and dramatically) boosts the health and performance of individuals and organizations.

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The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience™ program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching with scientifically validated tools to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase well-being, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience (less anxiety, more focus, better decision making and better communication).

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These techniques are simple and can be performed anytime, eyes open if needed (we don’t always have a quiet dark room to go and isolate…), in the moment (in a stressful meeting, in a sport competition etc…) or throughout the day to build your capacity. They are enhanced by the possibility to receive objective, realtime feedback of your coherence level through some specific devices, and allows the persons to better self-regulate their tension and emotional responses, especially in challenging situations. And the results are HERE

These emotion-management techniques have been successfully used to help people deal with a lot of stress or pressure in the military, police, emergency services, Executives and Athletes, etc …

As a certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor, I offer:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching

The basic program is of 4 sessions to introduce the context and the science behind the techniques, to start developing self awareness around your emotional states, their impact on your physiology and performance and to learn some techniques.

Additional sessions can be done to dive deeper, develop even more the application of the techniques to ensure sustainable changes and learn more techniques.

If you want to know more about this program,  Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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