Creative People and Projects who want to positively impact the world

I admire people who innovate and develop solutions to make positive changes in the world. And for a long time, I have felt guilty to not do that myself. I thought I should do something but the question was how.

In the mean time, I was working on who I wanted to serve with my coaching. And one day, I received an email proposing to crowdfund a business who was selling wooden art objects but in the meantime was generating a positive impact on the planet by preserving forest and replanting trees in other areas. I loved the idea to replace the usual negative impact on the planet of consuming (material, production, transport etc.) by a positive impact. I also recalled a book and an organization whose mission is to share positive stories and projects in the world to inspire and spark positive change.

From that moment, it became clear that I wanted to use the skills, the art, the science and the magic of coaching to support creative projects aiming at positively impacting the world and the planet. Helping these projects to come into being, enhancing their impact, supporting the persons leading these project to overcome the challenges all along the way, would be my way to have a positive impact in the world.

If you have an idea, if you are already developing creative solutions to create a positive change in the world, or if you are an organization in relationship with such projects, contact me. Let’s have a passionate discussion, no strings attached, and let’s see what may come out of it.