Hello, I’m Evan



Here are the main pieces of the puzzle of my life so far:

  • I practiced swimming at the national level mainly during my high school and college years, while attending one of the best engineering schools in France.

sport-swimmer-swim-crawl-163306 (1)To be able to do both sport and academics at high level required me to develop, thanks to my parents and my coach, balance, focus, determination and perseverance, values that never left me since. That’s also when my passion for sports started and one of the main reasons why I decided to support athletes in performing to their full potential.

Round the world

  • After graduating, my wife and I decided to go for a trip around the world for a year, which became such an amazing adventure and a priceless human experience.
  • RocketI had the chance to be able to work for about 8 years in the fascinating sector of rocket launches, in the industry and then for the French and European space agencies for which I managed tens of million dollars in projects.
  • Because I place my personal life first, I quit the space industry for the truck industry to relocate outside of Paris, closer to the mountains and nature and after a few more years of project management, I finally engaged into a new adventure to follow my wife in Michigan, USA where we live with our 3 boys.
  • Whereas I had gone into the engineering path by default (which didn’t prevent me from enjoying it and be good at it), I took the decision to engage into a career by design, one that would fully fit to who I am: helping people outdo themselves while staying balanced in their life.



  • Coaching: Core Essential Graduate from Coach University
  • Mental training: Certified PECP® (Performing Edge Coaching Professional) from Performing Edge Coaching International with sport psychologist Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter (who coached Olympic Gold medalists).
  • Heartmath® – Stress Management: Certified Heartmath® Coach
  • Conversational Intelligence: C-IQ® Enhanced Skills Practitioner
  • Formal Education: Graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris (Top Engineering School in France)
  • Project Management: Certified PMP® (Project Management Professional) from the Project Management Institute


As Simon Sinek points out in his very inspiring TED talk, start with WHY.

After 12 years in the industry mainly as project manager, I realized that what was driving me was the human interactions and what we sometimes call the soft skills. I was convinced that it was what was really making a difference in the individual and companies performances. And it became very clear that I wanted to switch from product development to people development. 

I want to raise awareness that we have a choice and that we can act upon our inner world (emotions and thoughts) to better live in our outer world, that we can constantly grow and become better while maintaining the necessary balance, and live a more intentional and more performant life.


  • Family, Balance, Integrity, Reliability, Trust, Wisdom, Inspiration 
  • Surpassing oneself, Determination, Encouragement, Commitment, Achievement, Adventure, Fun

MY MAIN ATTRIBUTES which make my personal way to coach:

  • I have set and accomplished lots of goals in my life, career and sports and built strong determination and perseverance as well as a full devotion to what I am engaged in. Wanting nothing but their best for my clients, I am committed to be present for them within a personal and confidential relationship.
  • I can cross over my coaching skills, my mental game coaching skills and my resilience/coherence coaching skills.
  • My 12 years’ experience in the space and truck industries (work on many rocket launches, over $50 Million contracts negotiation and projects management, PMP® certification, team management) enables me to quickly catch the context, difficulties and stressful situations in the corporate world and share some valuable experience.
  • I also developed my ability to laser-focus on the important things, reframe and recap in order to provide greater clarity.
  • As a former national level swimmer, later triathlete and still runner, I know what it takes to perform to your full potential.
  • My international background (I am French, lived in the UK, made a 1 year round the world trip and now live in Michigan/USA) makes me sensitive to cultural differences and really comfortable coaching worldwide.