Personal and Professional Coaching

“Coaching is a partnership with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” (The International Coach Federation definition of coaching)

Professional coaching is often described as the most effective way of moving past the present circumstances of your life, career or business, to fully explore and achieve the most meaningful possibilities.

As a Personal and Professional coach, Core Essentials Graduate from Coach University, member of the International Coaching Federation, I partner with my clients, who desire to successfully move to the next level in any area of their life, to:

  • Clarify what they want, then their goals and priorities (from accomplishing simple short term actions or shifts, to living a more meaningful and fulfilled life),
  • Increase their awareness about what is holding them back and bring up new possibilities that they couldn’t see (when the bulb lits on)
  • Take action to accomplish what’s most important to them, in alignment with their values.

Within a safe environment, I bring in the right balance of deep focus, unconditional support and constructive feedback and challenge to create the collaborative synergy which leads to life changing results.

The main beneficiary of the coaching can be:

  • The person (Personal coaching): work/life balance, time management, career transitioning, relationships, goal setting and achieving, etc…
  • The business, career, organization (Professional coaching): business starting, growing, transforming, business productivity increase, bottom line improvement, career management, team and organization efficiency improvement, etc…Very often, the person also benefits from the coaching through personal growth, which will also benefit to the business.

If you are not convinced yet, check the 10 reasons to hire a coach.

A first step to know where you are is to do the Wheel of life exercise.

I can also propose Mental Training and Personal Resilience Building techniques or can share my 12 years experience in project management in the space and truck industry whenever appropriate.

I coach either in-person either over the phone or skype so your location is not an issue.

Contact me for a free powerful conversation during which you will get to experience coaching and know how it can support you in moving to the next level. It will be all about YOU, your struggles or your dreams.

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