SAG Collaborative

I am a strong believer in collective intelligence and peer support and I am really excited to partner with Leandra from Stingray Advisory Group to offer the SAG Collaborative to local business professionals. We brought our complementary backgrounds and expertise to create a unique structure which will enable these professionals to get the support they need, take action and grow as a business and as a person.


Providing Support, Inspiring Action & Enabling Growth

At Stingray Advisory Group and EB Coaching International, we understand the importance of forming long-lasting, beneficial connections, of having support and of continuously learning & growing. This is why we have partnered to share our complimentary expertise.

Through the formation of the S.A.G. Collaborative, we are providing the structure and tools to local business professionals to assist with creating strong connections. The S.A.G. Collaborative meets once-a-month for 75 minutes, with the purpose of engaging members with one another, facilitating a dialogue about current challenges, encouraging action and also celebrating one another’s accomplishments and failures (yes, failing is necessary to succeed and we can all learn from our and others failures!).

This is not a leads-sharing organization in the traditional sense. The group is structured in such a way to operate as a think tank and collective intelligence structure. This will allow the creation of new possibilities through group coaching, the formation of partnerships, rapport building and collaborative success.

Meet Your Facilitators

Leandra Nisbet Headshot

Stingray Advisory Group owner, Leandra Nisbet, brings over 14 years of experience in leadership and sales & marketing. Through Stingray Advisory Group, she leads a team focused on helping businesses expand and sustain their growth long-term. She is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to learn and grow. Leandra earned her MBA at Davenport University with a Strategic Business Management concentration. She brings her unique perspective, thought-process & experience to the S.A.G. Collaborative.


Evan Bernache Headshot

Owner of EB Coaching International, Evan Bernache, Coach U graduate & member of the International Coaching Federation, has over 12 years of experience in project management and team development. He has over 4 years experience providing personal, professional and performance coaching, enabling business professionals to identify & work on WHAT they need to DO as well as WHO they need to BECOME in order to successfully grow their business and live a more fulfilled life.



The S.A.G. Collaborative Format

Each Collaborative will be formatted in the following way –

  • One introductory meeting that will allow for introductions, establishing of group rules and the definition of member expectations. Members will be encouraged to share themes/topics of importance to address during the year.
  • 12 monthly sessions, during which various formats will be used. They include:
    • Peer Support
    • Group Coaching, led by Evan
    • Guest Speakers

Meetings will be formatted to allow on-going, fresh and thought-provoking dialogue amongst participants and will focus on:

  • Support – Support will be provided by your facilitators, Leandra & Evan, as well as fellow participants.
  • Action – Just knowing something, without taking action, doesn’t help. What have you been wanting to take action on? Sometimes we all need accountability partners. The Collaborative will allow you to share your goals, encourage creativity and enable you to move your business (and life) to the next level.
  • Growth – Through the group’s interactions, coaching and guest speakers’ presentations, participants will be continuously learning – this is key to growing as a person and within your business.

Membership will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants per Collaborative.

Member Expectations:

  • Regular, prompt monthly attendance is necessary to ensure group continuity
  • Maintain a constructive and open-minded spirit
  • Dues will be paid on time

Member Benefits:

  • Confidential environment for sharing best practices and gathering feedback & support
  • The ability to be coached while learning and furthering your professional development with other local professionals
  • One (1) complimentary individual coaching session with Evan
  • One (1) complimentary individual coaching session with Leandra
  • One (1) professional headshot per participation period
  • Ability to hear from and engage with occasional guest speakers
  • Forum to present and promote professional and educational events at meetings
  • Opportunity to showcase your business by hosting a monthly meeting


  • Annual Membership required
  • Annual Dues (due upon acceptance into the Collaborative): Normally $497, Special Offer for Applicants through 12/31/18: $397
  • A portion of annual dues will be donated to a non-profit organization to be selected by the members of the Collaborative

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