I recently shared that my coaching journey started by looking inward, stepping into the unknown and listening to the cues and to my inner knowing.

What I didn’t say is that even coaching in itself was unknown. I had an idea of what it was but didn’t really know what I was putting myself into. I did expect to learn how to coach others to help them achieve what they want or become better or more performant. What I didn’t expect was to work on myself and get that increased awareness of my own life and experience as a human being.

My relationship to coaching has evolved from

– “I don’t need a coach, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to run my life which is already great by the way !” (that was my “I’m stronger than that” self-defense reaction more than 10 years ago, not understanding what coaching was),

– to a process and some skills that can be learned,

– to a broader thing at the intersection of ontology (study of being), psychology, philosophy, and productivity (in the sense of intentionally producing what we want in our life and not only have interesting conversations), that is in part supported by Science, is an Art in the way it is crafted and mastered, and can create some Magic.

Just like the fish doesn’t know that something else exists other than the water its is in, most of us don’t know what is available outside of what we see, would we take the time to slow down, notice our experience of life, explore what we really want, and commit to it.

Coaching helps us see the world outside of our own water.

Coaching, and actually Life, are about both:

Awareness and Action

Process and Outcome

Journey and Destination

Achievement and the Experience while achieving

Bigger LIFE and daily life

Big Dreams and tiny steps

Future and Present

Movement and Stillness

Doing and Being

Wanting more And being Content

The thing and our relationship to the thing

Being on the way and Getting out of the way

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Rigor and Love

Commitment and Non Attachment

Pushing through and Surrendering

What is and What could be

And in the end, it’s about POSSIBILITY and CHOICE.

If anything resonates with you, here are 3 ways we can explore YOUR Possibilities:

– 1 on 1 coaching (this starts with a complimentary connection and exploration call)

– High and Deep (https://evanbernache.com/high-and-deep-your-unknown-quest/): this experiential and transformational journey (hiking and coaching for 4 days in the beautiful mountains) is a great opportunity to take some time to slow down, reflect, and plant the seeds for what’s next. Next session will take place from June 22nd to June 25th and we have a few spots available.

– La Vague (https://emmydruesne.com/lavague/): a group coaching program for coaches and leaders interested in the coaching approach that combines personal development, coaching practice with live feedback, and personal or professional projects development to enhance one’s impact. The next cohort starts in September.

– Power Tools for Living workshop (https://www.eventbrite.com/…/power-tools-for-living…): a 3h workshop to get present to your essential nature, your life purpose and create the next year of your life

Standing for you with love and rigor,

Take care,

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