I have been quite silent in 2022, mainly for 2 reasons.

The first one was intentional, I chose to focus on growing my business as well as creating new programs. These were my main goals for the year and the rest, including writing, was left aside.

The second one was less intentional and more driven from my survival mechanism of wanting things to be perfectly written, making perfect sense, before they could be sent. So the rare times when I felt like sharing simple things, I got stuck in this perfectionism and because I chose not to spend time on this, I just didn’t follow through.

The results are :

  • I hit all my goals, made my best year and I created 2 new super exciting programs with 2 amazing partners:
    • High and Deep: an inspiring hiking and coaching journey in the mountains with Michael (some pictures HERE and More information here). We are preparing the next edition for later this year, so if that resonates with you, let’s talk about it. 
    • La Vague: a transformational group coaching program for coaches and leaders with Emmy (more info here: La vague). We just completed our 1st cohort and are also working on the next one.
    • Both these programs got very positive feedback which makes be very grateful and proud.
  • I also developed very interesting new  connections and, on the personal side, I grew my relationship with my wife and my kids, I took some improv classes (to practice working in the unknown, mess up and be creative), as well as some breakdance lessons with one of my sons and his friend (pretty fun and also the realization that I am aging and these moves can be physically pretty tough to make 😊), and I started to train for triathlon again.
  • But I also missed writing and sharing

So, in 2023, my commitment is to practice writing again.

My breakthrough for the coming year will be in VOICE. I want to practice using my voice more, through public speaking and by sharing more with you and in social media.

Part of it will be to play with the word INSPIRATION, which is my life purpose (in the ontological way): be inspired and inspire.

So, my first question to you will be: what would change in 2023 if you came from a place of inspiration, whatever that means or looks like for you? What would there be more of ? What would there be less of ? Would your goals be the same ?

I wish you an inspirational year !

With Love,


2 thoughts on “I wish you an INSPIRATIONAL YEAR

  1. Hi Evan, It was good to get your post.   It appears you are still challenging the elements.   Your goal of ‘to be inspired, and to inspire’ provides the basis for a life well lived. Your post also asked your audience for their thoughts and opinions.   I am now 91+ years old, and apparently am supposed to be winding down.  However I don’t see a life of major accomplishments, so feel my purpose on this planet must still be out there, still to be undertaken.  Until some brilliant revelation occurs I’ll keep plodding along in volunteer work in different areas.  My trust is in a loving Creator and a sacrificing, loving Son, and that seems like the most positive scenario and logical when looking at the other possibilities.  End of thoughts.  It was very good to get this communication from you. Roger Knopf

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    1. Hi Roger, so good to hear from you ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believe the measure of what a major accomplishment is is subjective, and from what I know about you, it seems that you have alreay achieved great things. And I love that the world still has you and that you contribute to it with your volunteer work. You are truly an inspiration to me. Take care and see you around


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