High and Deep

Mountains are beautiful, magical giants.

Up there, you see the world differently, you see your life differently.

Up there, you get closer to Earth and Nature, day and night, at sunset, moonrise or sunrise.

Up there, you disconnect from the restlessness of the world, and reconnect to your essence, to what’s true and important to you.

Up there, you get quiet, you get humble, you get grateful, you get back to your individual humanity, and to our collective humanity.

Up there, you don’t DO, you just BE, and feel alive.

Up there, you get power and inspiration and take it back into your life, for more impact.

If mountains inspire you, and you are on a self-discovery journey to grow you impact in the world, join Michaël Delouis and myself for a High and Deep coaching experience in the mountains, Oct 6th to 9th.

We only have 2 spots left.

Note: these pictures were taken in the Alpes last week during my time off, our High and Deep experience will be in the Pyrénées with different but also beautiful and magical views.

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