My Why, my What for, my Word in the box, to which everything boils down, and that I commit to embody is INSPIRATION.

To me, Inspiration encompasses the following elements:

  • Generating a Spark out of possibilities (an awareness, an insight, an idea, an aspiration, a commitment, a dream, a life purpose, or just the next tiny step,…)
  • Inviting Action and giving Momentum to transform this spark into reality
  • Encouraging and Being a stand all along the way and in the face of fear and adversity

 I printed this word, and I added the 2 ways arrows because Inspiration is a two ways commitment: to inspire others, we first need to be inspired.

And although inspiration can come on its own, being inspired is also a choice. I have become more present lately to the fact that I could choose to be inspired despite the circumstances and despite my mood.

Here are some ways to not be inspired

  • Being at the effect of circumstances
  • Not empowering decisions
  • Thinking that what we do is “the right way” (aka better than others)
  • Envying those who have more success
  • Listening to agree or disagree rather than listening for an insight
  • Being skeptical (I’m not sure)
  • Being cynical (this is bullshit)
  • Being too attached
  • Falling into resignation
  • Not taking care of ourselves and our well-being
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Not loving ourselves
  • Not believing in ourselves
  • Not trusting ourselves

Here are some ways to not inspire others

  • Not being inspired ourselves (see above)
  • Being out of integrity (thoughts, words and actions not aligned)
  • Not being vulnerable
  • Pretending we have it all figured out
  • Not being responsible for our impact
  • Denying our humanity
  • Not being a stand for them
  • Not challenging them
  • Not caring for them
  • Not believing in them
  • Not trusting them

If you choose to be inspired by this post, what insight will you get for yourself?

What would shift if you committed to inspiration, both ways, on a daily basis?

Take care,


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